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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> a good cigar. >> sean: i'm a cigar aficionado this month. >> that's why i said it. >> sean: see you back here on monday. >> greta: tonight, former speaker of the house, newt is confident, says he can and probably will win florida. that's why we are, in florida. we jumped on the newt gingrich bus and hit the campaign trail with him. mr. speaker, i like your new bus. >> it's fun. it's a very exciting part of the campaign. >> greta: we just joined the bus, coming out of a fund-raise? >> yeah. we were -- with a bunch of folks, we are very excited about the campaign and helped pay for the ad. it was great. >> greta: last night, we all thought you were going to come out swinging and you seemed more sober to your responses to some of the things that governor romney said about your record? >> well, actual lie, mitt was so systematically dishonest-- that lying? >> i will let you decide.
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the easiest example is, he said he only voted for tsongas in the dmtdic primary because there was no primary and during the debait, there was a tweet that that was baloney and george w. bush and bat buchanan were on the same day. >> greta: could he have a faulty memory? >> he said enough different things that it strikes me as implausible. i think the governor says what he neat needs to say to get through this minute without remembering there is a tomorrow? >> the audience seemed to be -- want the same type of audience in south carolina. the audience didn't seem to be with you. >> i think that was his base. he has had a state office in jacksonville. i think they did a good job making sure their people were at the event. but that was fine. i don't mind -- what -- what stopped me, he would say things, i stopped standing there going, that can't be true. he said it again and again. and in fact, by the time the debate was over, there were
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various fact checkers, wolf blitzer said to him, that is your ad, your voice is on it. and at another point, he talked about his investments being in a blind trust. literally by the time the debate was over, there was a fact checker who said, that's just not true. so every time you turn around, there was a new falsehood. >> greta: do you think the falsehoods that you allege -- i will assume they are true -- are those resonating here in florida? i mean, is it going to have an impact on the vote? >> i think it has an impact because the presidency is so important. and the ability of a president to lead the american people by telling the trying is so important that if you begin to get a sense that this is a person who will say anything, do anything, make up anything... you really undermine your credibility as a potential president. >> greta: is it enough for to you say in debate and i know have you ads as well, is the media with you or against ow
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this? >> i think on this one, the media's with me. the reason is that they -- the media is kind of amazed at the level of dishonesty. i have done three or four interviews today where people are going, how could he think he could get away with this? when they talk to romney twould be interesting because some of them are so factually clearly false, it's hard to claim anything except that he wasn't telling the truth. >> greta: what is he like before the debate, during breaks and after the debate. >> year collegial. it's like lawyers in a trial. >> greta: oh, no. i was not collegial. believe me, if i thought something was doing me wrong, i was not collegial. i would be in that person's face. >> no, i think, this is part of why i debate the way i do. you have, to as a potential president, maintain a standard of dignity. where people then think you are not capable of being a president. people want a sense of stability because the level of power we give presidents is so great that
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you want a sense of this is a person -- like hiring a school bus driver, you don't want the person who might take the bus off the cliff. you want a person who will be safe with your children. the president in that sense has 305 million people to be safe with. >> greta: you raise the safe issue or let me take it further. one allegation is that you are quote, erratic. i know that bob dole has made that allegation. why do you think he would say that? >> oh, look, i think the washington establishment is hyper. there is a new wall street journal poll that said i would beat romney nationally in a two-person race. i think the prospect of gingrich becoming president for the old guard is horrifying. i mean, they are all comfortable and set in their ways and part of an establishment. i -- smeament. i am a genuine populist. i know enough about washington to change it and i am distanced enough from washington to change it. i think they find it a
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nightmare. >> greta: are you anti-establishment? >> yes, yes, yes. >> greta: tom delay i. this is a pretty sick establishment. it could use some changing. >> greta: okay. tom delay, the whip when you were speaker of the house. he came out against you. >> he tried to engineer a coup against me, he engagedin behavior that ultimately led him into court. we are very different people. i don't agree with his style, his approach or his tactics. the average american understood delay and romney fully, i would win in a landslide. >> greta: it seeps a recent effort that people have come out against you. it's like they came out on the phone and said, let's do it today. does it seem that way to you? >> romney has an enormous amount of money. he is able to organize a lot of things. he has hired lots of lobbyists, which is the great irony. attacking me -- falsely, about freddie mac, he is surround bide freddie mac lobbyists.
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he has lots of people to organize things. if you get three or four parallel articles falsely attacking me about reagan on the same morning, you know that that is an orchestrated attack. that's the romney machine, doing its job. >> greta: can you overcome that? >> yeah. we are going on beat him. >> greta: here in florida? >> i think so. >> greta: by how much? >> i have no idea. one vote would be good and i would like more. >> greta: it's winner take all here. >> right. >> greta: you get the 50 or not. >> right. >> greta: how important is florida, obviously, you want to win, but if you don't win, is it catastrophic? >> no, no. >> greta: what's the path? >> south carolina would have been catastrophic. florida, i want to win. i think we can win. i think we probably will win now. but if we come very, very close, the race will go on. and i think the more people know about how liberal he was in massachusetts and the more they learn about how little regard he has for the facts, the harder the race is going to be for him. i think this is going to get
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steadily worse, not better from romney's standpoint. >> greta: everybody's trying to hijack the word conservative. he's the true conservative. tom delay says you are not conservative. first of all, tell me, define a conservative for me that they are all struggling to identify. >> somebody who believes in the constitution, declaration of independence, limited government, lower taxes, more private-sector activity, stronger citizens and weaker bureaucrats. strong national defense, belief that there is danger in the world and you need to be strong enough to defend yourself would be another example. all i can report is that i had a 90% american conservative union voting record for 20 years. i was an ally of egg reagan and of kemp, going all the way back to the 70s. we reformed welfare cut taxes and launched a balanced balance process and led to four consecutive balanced budgets, the only time in your life. if that's not conferrative, i
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don't know what it is. romney is pro-abortion, pro-gun troll, pro-tax increase. >> greta: he is not pro-abortion. >> of course not. he is now running for president. and he didn't do those things because if he had, he didn't run for president. because that would not be accurate for his current ambition. but he governorred as a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase governor. he ranked third from the bottom in job creation. >> greta: senator santorum a conservative? >> yes. >> greta: a true corveative? >> i think so. again, there are minor things, he voted for big labor. but if you are from pennsylvania, there are parallel realities. >> greta: why -- what's wrong with -- i mean, obviously you want to be president -- >> rick santorum is a terrific guy. i like him as a friend. i am wantr the only person in the race who has helped organize
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and run national campaigns that were decisive victories for conservative. the only person in the race who has organized very large-scale change -- welfare reform, balancing the budget, thing on a scale that are very, very difficult to do. it's not just a question of ideology. it's about, you can turn it from a speech into a program? can you turn it from an idea into an achievement? that's very, very hard. >> greta: well, let me ask you a question. i am old enough to remember the discussion about jfk and going to the moon. people laughed when he said it. everyone felt inspired. why are people laughing at your moon idea? [overlapping dialogue] >> greta: that was a big, big i. i'll tell what you. >> greta: okay. >> it's the very reason i'm running. we have gone through a period of decay as a country, where we lack self confidence, we lack a
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romantic vision of being an american, we lack experience in american exceptionalism. they don't want to go through the process of change. so we doubled the national institutes of health while balancing the budget. we know how to do these things. if you actually look at my speech in cocoa beach to people from the space coast, it's a very sophisticated outline of a very bold, new approach which largely relies on private-sector dollars. >> greta: is it any bolder than what jfk thought in 1961, may of '61? >> no. it is in fact the speech that i wish richard nixon had given in 1969. because -- i wrote a book called land of opportunity. i talked to young scientists of nasa and developed this model. we had a momentum of excitement in the apollo program that was
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moving us forward, attracting young people into science, math, engineering, technology. we had a rhythm. then we bureoc rat-ized the whole thing. >> greta: you see that people made fun of that. >> of course. i expected them to. >> greta: and the media's had a field day. >> i am perfectly happy. it's simple. are you comfortable if the chinese become the dominant country in space? if you are comfortable with the chinese colanizing the moon? they have publicly announced a plan to get to the moon. >> greta: what do you want with the moon ?ie. the moon has a tremendous amount of water. water is a very useful thing to have if you want to go to mars because it's a terrific shield from radiation. so if you are serious about the solar system, having the moon as a refueling place so you don't try to lift water off the earth, but you stop at the moon to pick up water. it's very important. the moon has all sorts of
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minerals. but there are times in the history of the human race, when you have to have people with the courage to go into the future. and countries that have that courage, elizabethan england, america at the turn of the 1900s, those countries create brand-new features for the human race. countries that settle down to decay gracefully, those countries give up their heritage and they give up their power and their capabilities. >> greta: i confess when i heard it, i thought, uh-oh, now newt's done it with the colony on the moon. then i thought back to the jfk speech and i thought, i wonder if in 1961, everyone thought that was ridiculous? >> we did a movie called the city of bonnie hill. and we have a segment of that speech. immediately afterwards, we had a great astronaut who said, you have to realize when kennedy
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said in may of '61, we are going to go to the moon in this decade, no american had been in orbit. the only person was the russian. one american had been in suborbital space. that's all. here's the president saying, in less than 9 years, we are going to find the tech nocialtion we are going to build the organization and train the astronauts and learn how it do it and we will be on the moon, july of 1969. that's pretty cool. i am for an america that unleashes its people to be pretty cool again. vifriend who is are stingy, boring and have no vision. i don't think that makes for a very good president. >> greta: i guess your concept is that 10% would be federal partnership -- >> i would like to get between 80 and 90% of the money out of the private sector. but think about billionaires. i mean, i want to establish the president's council on inspiration, which is exactly what the world society was when it start in the 1700s.
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i would like enough millionaires and billionaire who is say, i would love to be part of space and i will kick in my share. you get the rfght those people moving and designing things. first of all, you don't have 15 years of bureaucratic planning. have you 3 weeks and then they go build something because that's how they behave. if you look at elan musco with the falcon 9, amazingly less expensive. the founder of british virgin and great american innovator, to try to find a low-cast way to take tourists into space. these are all guys just doing t. they are not waiting for the congress. they are not hanging around, waiting for 12 bureaucrats to say it's okay. if we made that rhythm and pattern our goal, we would have in five or six years, the most dynamic space industry you could imagine? i guess i was thinking how different the country seems --
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you know, we now sort of -- you know, chuckle at things that seem beyond -- >> we have lost the sense of being an american-- but on the other hand, we shouldn't be unrealistic and impractical and off the charts? >> ronald reagan gave a speech on the -- system-- okay. you got me on that one. >> i will never forget. he says something like, we have every right to dream heroic dreams. after all, we are americans. that's what i intend to recreate. >> greta: people say you have lots of great ideas and that they don't get carried out. any thought on that criticism of you? >> first mairment in 40 years since 1928. weal fare reform, 30 years after reagan started the conversation. only four balanced budgets in your lifetime. >> greta: why do they seize upon
10:16 pm
this stuff? convenient or -- what is it? you have rubbed a lot of former colleagues the wrong way? >> yeah. because i am a real leader who wants to get the congress to do things. i am not interested in guys getting their pork projects. i am not intg interested in guys getting their turf. i am interesting in getting things done. >> greta: what's the difference between getting things done and being a bull in a china shop and not accomplishing something? >> first of all, it's thoughtful purpose. i got four balanced budgets. i worked with the army's training and doctors program on how to you develop, implement and train new battle doctors. i am the longest serving teacher in the military. steadily, methodically doing something. >> greta: straight ahead, more with speaker gingrich. we asked him, why former governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio are not only not going to back him, but they are criticizing him? the speaker will tell you.
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>> greta: we are live in florida. we spent the day with former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. here's more of our conversation with the campaign trail. welcome back to your own bus. >> it's great to be here. >> greta: oh, good. i'm glad. i want to talk about the economy. when we talk about the economy and the unemployment rate, nationally, 8.5% unemployed, you know, one of the thicks that is never discussed is consumer spending, which is about 70% of our economic activity. but nobody wants to go out and spend money, worried about unemployment. and so it's a catch-22. if you were president, how would you convince the american people that, okay, it's a good risk to spend money because when they buy consumer goods, that revs up the economy and helps the economy? >> well, first of all, have you to start creating jobs. if you build an american energy program tlowers the price of gas clean and creates more americanions and so the combination -- and the minute
10:22 pm
people start feeling comfortable that the job recovery's underway, they will feel comfortable about buying things. there is a lot of pent-up demand that is currently hidden by the fact that people are afraid. so the minute you start re-establishing confidence that you have a pro-jabs plan that is real and the minute they see it starting to work, you see an almost immediate rebound in consume confidence and the willingness to buy things. >> greta: two problems: it will take a while to create jobs. jobs are not created overnight. the second thing is that we have an accumulated inventory, so people are not hiring so much. we have to get rid of inventory. it has to be purchased. so it would behoove us to convince the american people, they are there, they are coming, spend the money you may be hoarding right now. >> but i think it's important that they be there. part of the reason people are very cautious is, they have watched the mismanagement of the economy in the last four or five
10:23 pm
years, in both parties. and neigh have had a sense of, why would i trust these guys? so i think -- one of the reasons of supply-side economics is the idea, if we make it really desirable to find oil and gas and coal and other american energy sources, that energy, going out and looking for that, building it, developing it, creates jobs. if we create the opportunity for people to invest and start creating jobs, almost overnight, people will change their plans. i believe the recovery begins late on election night when the american people realize obama's gone. i think if you -- my goal would be to ask the new congress to come in on january 3, stay in session and repeal obamacare, dod/frank and sarbane, before i was sworn in on january 20, so i could sign the repeal, literally within hours of becoming president. the reason is that obamacare
10:24 pm
threatens every small business so they won't hire anybody. dodd/frank is killing small, independent bank, cutting off financing and driving down the price of housing and sarbane adds bureaucracy and red tape and cost with almost no benefit? >> why don't have you more friends in high places? governor jeb bush jabbed you a little bit? senator rubio has jabbed you over an ad that you have taken down -- >> marco and i talked the other day. i think we near pretty good shape. jeb and i have none known each other a long time. bill mccullom, the other candidate for governor is chairing my campaign statewide. >> greta: why isn't jeb bush -- he didn't endorse you? >> i wish he would. >> greta: how about governor rick scott? >> i think he is trying to help everybody not get drawn into the middle of the fight. >> greta: are you saying they
10:25 pm
are politically protecting themselves? >> no. i think almost every state in the country, the establishment is not going to take a big risk on newt gingrich. go back and look at south carolina. you know, the governor was for mitt romney. all i had were people. well, look around this state. i mean, look at the size of the crowds. we have lots and lots of people. the question's going to be, can we generate enough people power to offset romney's money power? >> greta: and? >> i think we will. the history of america is that popular insurgency usually beat establishments particularly in a period where people are feeling pain and are angry and are going, why would i vote for him? >> greta: talk foreign policy. egypt is undergoing an incredible transformation. a lot of fear that it is not going to go our way. we have ray la hood, secretary of transportation's son, who cannot leave egypt. israel's worried about what
10:26 pm
happens in egypt. would your foreign policy be any different than the president's foreign policy as it relates to egypt and all the countries surrounding? >> yeah. i think we need to... very fundamentally rethink everything we think we know about the region. i think that we are on the edge of catastrophic change, almost all of it anti-american. it's one of those periods, it is a little bit like when a tornado comes through, when a hurricane comes through, you don't know what is going to happen next. when the scale of the change is so -- for example in egypt, about 75% of the votes in the first round went to the -- the muslim brotherhood. and more islamic groups than the muslim brotherhood. so you now have a pressure building, where the muslim brotherhood to move towards... an even more radical position.
10:27 pm
>> greta: which i would think would put israel on end because egypt under mubarak was friendlier towards israel? >> it hurts israel, it hurts the united states. it hurts the forces of modernization. it hurts the role of women. it's a reversion to a more medieval style of life. and i think it's a very serious challenge? >> would your foreign policy be more engaging? or would you step back more? >> no. i would be more engaged, but with some kind of strategy and understanding. i mean, we are not going to change ahmadinejad. we are not going to chaimplght leadership in libya. can we in the long run, find the next generation of leaders and can we in the long run, shape those societies? but those are people are pretty clear about what they want to do. and vrlts is good about the united states. >> greta: what would you do about the ahmadinejad?
10:28 pm
he wants to restart talks with the world about nuclear weapons? >> well... he could easily prove that by dismantling this is program. i think he plays everybody for fools. >> greta: what would you do? >> i would try to use the same techniques and strategies that president reagan premised with thatcher and pope john paul ii usessed against the soviet union. i would have a conscious goal to replace the dictatorship. >> greta: there is more from the campaign bus. the rest of our interview with speaker gingrich on gretawire tonight. go there and watch the rest. coming up, bad news for governor mitt romney. rush limbaugh disagrees with thim and he has a big megaphone. he says the 2006 health care through governor romney signed in massachusetts is the same as president obama. but the florida attorney general says, that's not true. that's next. and a desperate call for help.
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>> greta: you will not believe what costa cruise lines is doing now. they are offering each uninjured passenger, $14,460 in compensation. that's right. less than $15,000 for suffering through a nightmare, one that
10:33 pm
could have cost each of them his life. costa says that amount will pay for the lost baggage and psychological traum a. but the survivors are not buying it. many are refusing to accept the deal. they say they can't put a price on their traum a. meantime, here in miami, lawyers are working on a lawsuit against carve val cruise lines, saying that could get a million dollars per passenger. tonight, 16 people, including an american couple are still missing. 16 are confirmed dead. salvage crews hope to pump 500,000 gallons of heavy fuel from the ship tomorrow. we wanted to hear from you. is $14,000 enough for what the survivors went through? or is it insulting? tell us at he is taking a lot of flack for it, but governor romney insieves his health care law in massachusetts is different from president obama's law. but rush limbaugh says, that's not true. >> romney says, 92% of the
10:34 pm
people in my state have insurance before our plan went in place, nothing changes for them. obam aif you like your plan, you get to keep your plan -- except i don't. but that's what obama said. if you like your plan, you get to keep t. we are not changing it. for the 8% of the people who didn't have insurance, we said, if you can afford it, buy it. and if you don't want to buy insurance, then you have to help pay for the cost. obama, you have to buy insurance or pay a fine. obama's doing the same thing. romney doesn't call the plan a fine. you don't buy insurance, have you to help pay for the cost. it's the same thing. this is why people say there is not much difference in the two plans. romney says, under federal law, if somebody doesn't have insurance, we have to care for them, give them free care, so we said no more free riders. you are paying the fine or you are buying health insurance, which is wa-- which is what
10:35 pm
obamacare is. >> trying to get the obamacare overturned and he is supporting mitt romney for president. is that a contradiction with attorney general pamela bondi. >> nice to talk to you. >> greta: how do you reconcile the two plans and the massachusetts plan? i assume you heard what rush limbaugh just said? >> oh, i have so much respect for rush limbaugh, of course. but, oh, there is nothing to reconcile. these are two completely different plans. i am listening to rush, taking notes. obamacare raises taxes. mitt romney's plan would not. obamacare has medicare diversions, romney's plan would not. the president's federal plan creates new federal bureaucracy, romney's plan would not. it reduces choice. rom recommend's plan would not.
10:36 pm
it raises costs. mitt romney's plan lowers cost. i could keep going. but it's about state's rights. from day 1, mitt romney, and i will tell you along with newt dismiewt rick santorum and ron paul, all of our candidates have said, the first thing they would try to do is get rid of the federal government health care takeover, so all the candidates have said that. let me tell you, i have been asked to be on governor romney's task force. i am going to be part of his health care policy team when he is president to undo this and to create good health care. so i whole heartedly support him. i don't think he contradicts it at all-- let me ask you this. >> uh-huh? >> it is enormously complex, all of these health care questions. one of them resaid that it reduces costs. i am quoting from what politco has in which it says even governor romney admits tdoes not
10:37 pm
reducing cost in massachusetts, that the whole idea in massachusetts was to expand coverage so people could be covered, but an admission that it did not reduce cost because health care costs are rising. and not in this article, doesn't the massachusetts plan get some federal subsidy, so in some way, we all pick up the tab? >> well, that's in massachusetts, not in the entire country. he wants a plan where each statet can decide what to do in their own state that wouldn't raise cost. let me tell you, gret ---- yeah. but let me ask you about the mandate there. >> uh-huh? >> greta: so the viewers understand, the national plan has a mandate. the state plan has a mandate. you argue that the national plan mandate is unconstitutional, but there is a distinction with the state plan, is there not? >> yes. yes. the federal health care plan mandates that every person in
10:38 pm
this country buy insurance, and if not, we will be penalized or taxed. what we want is for each state to have the ability to regulate and create their own health care plans that best fit each state. that's what we want. that's what we mean when when we talk about the mandate. of the 26 states involved in the lawsuit that florida is leading, the majority of the states, some are governors, some are attorneys general, but the majority of the states involved in that health care lawsuit have endorsed mitt romney. and we stand behind mitt romney for governor, as well as my fellow cabinet members out of hung up with the governor and is remaieual. th scenes, as well as--hind let me -- >> speaker of the house? >> i am going to take the last word so i can add other side here, bill mccullom, your
10:39 pm
predecessor as the attorney general, he is a co-chair of newt gingrich's campaign. you, of course are part of endorsing governor romney, to put a perspective on it. it's enormously complicated. we are going to see what happens by the end of june in your national lawsuit challenging the national health care. thank you, pam. nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. you, too. >> greta: now to the frantic 911 call made from demi moore's l.a. home. monday night, she was rush to the hospital. friends say she was convulsing and barely conscious. she had been smoking an unknown substance. listen to the frantic call. >> exactly what happened there? >> she smoked, ummm -- something. it is not marn manch but it's similar to. it's similar to incense. she seems to be having convulsions. >> okay. how old is she? >> 49. >> 49. >> right now, is she awake? >> yeah. well, semi-conscious, barely.
10:40 pm
>> okay. is she breathing? >> is she breathing? yes. >> she overdosed on -- >> she is convulsing. >> demi moore has been released from the hospital. but her representative said she is seeking treatment for stress and exhaustion. it has been a tough year for the actress. in november, she ended she is ending her six-year marriage to ashton cutchener after he was caught cheating on her. >> the list is growing. the energy department gives another green energy company millions in stimulus money and then the company goes bankrupt. hear the price tag for this one, the price that you, the taxpayer, will be paying. that's next. it is not over. new fallout from jan brewer's tarmaccative. governor brewer came on the record to talk about it. wait until you see who is talking no. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it.
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>> from america's news headquarters, dates have been set for special elections to fill the seat vacated this week by arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the primary election will be held on april 17 and the general election on june 12. giffords resigned wednesday, a little more than a year after she was shot in tucson. giffords says she needs more time to recover from her injuries. the so-called barefoot bandit sentenced friday in seattle. a federal judge ordering colton harris moore to spend 6 1/2 years in prison after being convicted in an international crime spree that ended in a plane crash in the bahamas. he attracted an internet fan base because of evading police. he committed several of the crimes, wearing no shoes. for all of your headlines, go to >> greta: what's going on with the energy department?
10:46 pm
and more importantly, what is going on with our money? the energy department has another solyndra mess. the energy department took $118 million and invested in a green energy company and that company has filed bankruptcy. that's the third green energy company with your tax dollars in the hundreds of millions of dollars to go belly up. what happened? the new york times finance reporter is here. louise, it is not as bad as solyndra, but tell us the facts? >> the facts here is that this is the third bankruptcy of a company that got a grant or a loan from the department of energy. you know, this is tied to the stimulus package that was passed under the president, promoting economic growth and a big chunk of that, tens of billions of dollars went to the department of energy to promote clean energy projects. some of the companies have it work -- have not worked out, they are risky. most investors don't have a perfect track record. you know, it is very common today, we are talking about what is happening to your moan, the
10:47 pm
taxpayer money because the government, for the last two or three years has been very much in business, bailing out the banks and worging with energy companies in this example. >> greta: all right. in solyndra, the situation was that they -- the cost of making the product was more than you could buy it somewhere else. so that was a no brainer that that company was going to go belly up. and that was significantly more money n. this instance, i am more sympathetic because this company's main customer went bankruptcy. so this is a different situation. that does not seem quite foreseeable to me? >> that's true. it was a norwegian company that filed for bankruptcy last summer. that put the company into a spin. and another problem that the company was facing that it has competition from toyota. it has competition for lithium batteries from china, from korea. they are facing the problem that so many american manufacturers are facing, which is the wage
10:48 pm
differential problem. so, you know, the fact is, it's predictable that an american company might have trouble with that kind of competition. >> greta: if have you to go to the government to borrow money, it means private investors don't want it and then perhaps there is a reason, like it's not a great deal? >> there is an argument that in new technology ngreen technology that perhaps the private market won't step in, but if there is a kick from the government, particularly in the bad economy, where the financing from the banks has been impossible. an irony here is that in the bank bailout, c.i.t. got a bank bailout and it went bankrupt. this was the kind of financial company that might have lent mon tote middle market energy companies. so the government is making up for the slack of the banks here in a way. >> greta: louise, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, the finger-shaking scene around the world. first you saw the picture. then you heard governor jan
10:49 pm
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest.
10:53 pm
governor jan brewer, shaking her finger at president obama. right after that confrontation on the tarmac in arizona, governor brewer came right here to "on the record," and she told us her view of what caused thattative with the president. she says the president was insulted by her book. well, now president obama's telling his story to abc news. >> the picture out there of you with governor jan brewer -- what was -- what was going on there? she said you were tense, thin skind? she's all over the airwaves. >> lyou know, what i have discovered is that, i think it's always good publicity for a republican if they are in an argument with me. but this was really not a big deal. >> were you tense? >> you know, diane, i am usually accused of not being tense enough, right? too relaxed. >> so you weren't? >> no. >> greta: well, governor brewer tolds that you president obama was upset about the way he was portrayed in her book,
10:54 pm
"scorpions for breakfast." caught on camera, a retired police officer turns the tables on an armed robber, wearing a mask like gene simons from the band, "kiss." the robber pulled the gun, but it didn't go off and the retired officer jumped into action, he pushed the robber down and chased him out of the store and pulled off his mask. the suspect got away, but police have a good description of him. by the way, the hero officer is the store manager's father. meet twiggy. twiggy is the very famous waterskiing squirrel -- one of them. he is showing off her talent at the louisville boat show. twiggy is pulled behind a radio-controlled boat in a shallow pool. this is the eighth squirrel to perform the role of twiggy. a trainer trains many squirrels to waterski. thru have it. the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. president obama spent the night in vegas.
10:55 pm
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11:00 is almost here time for last call. president obama on a five state tour so what did he do in nevada? >> president obama is traveling the country and spent last night in las vegas. yeah. and this morn egg woke up on his hotel room floor trying to figure out what to do about a tiger, a baby and 9% unemployment. >> that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again monday night. donald trump will be here to talk about the november primary. make sure you go to greta and let me know what


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